The NSW Coastal Cycle Trail connects from Brisbane (Queensland) to Melbourne (Victoria), via Sydney & Eden (New South Wales), along the beautiful coast of Queensland, New South Wales & Victoria, Australia.

Where possible, cycle paths and rail trails have been incorporated along the route.  Our aim has been to get you away from the busy highways.

Cyclists can plan a route based on our guidelines.

The coastal cycle trail is broken up into 9 regions, covering some 42 sections.  Use the website menu to access the trail sections.  Alternatively, use the interactive map below to find the trail section closest to you (click on marker & follow link).  The total length of the trail is currently 2,510 km.

Your feedback is valuable.  This is a community project and we welcome any updates or feedback.

For more information please contact us.

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How to use the Maps

On the upper left are controls to zoom; expand the map into a new tab; locate your position; and reset the map back to original image.  On the upper right is the option to change the base map.  On the lower right is an arrow that expands to show a mini-map. Just above most maps, on the right, is an option to open the map in its own tab - perfect for mobile phones whilst travelling.

The icons on the map are clickable and show points of interest and/or further details. Clicking each route enables the GPX to be downloaded. The GPX can only be downloaded from maps tracing the actual route (in "green").

Other relevant details may be placed above & below each map.

We had a great android mobile phone app that is sadly out of date & is no longer available.  We need your $$ support to pay for rebuilding this free app, along with hosting.  Please donate to help so we can do this.  Even small amounts are appreciated.