There is no doubt that bike riding is a potential goldmine for tourism along the east coast of Australia.  Our website statistics show an explosion of people who are looking for bike riding adventures, i.e. touring longer distances to regional areas and spending time to stay in and around those areas with good bike riding infrastructure.

The NSW Coast Cycle Trail offers a unique opportunity for eco tourism in your region.  You can assist both your region and retailers in promoting their business by directly improving & developing the current cycle trail.   Contact us so that we can work together to improve the safety for bike riders.share the road

How can Council immediately assist?  Adequately sign post the route, provide reminders to drivers (and cyclists) that they are sharing the road and, where possible, provide dedicated bicycle/pedestrian paths.  For shared roads that are on the cycle trail route, provide bike friendly road surfaces with wide shoulders so that drivers can overtake safely.

We have developed a simplified guide to assist in planning cycling infrastructure within a Council region.  CLICK HERE for details.

Please contact us for more information and details.