Cycle the coast of NSW

cycling nsw - yamba area
Cycling NSW – Yamba area

Cycling NSW, along the coast of New South Wales, Australia. You will quickly discover why this is an epic ride. At nearly 1,680 km this cycle route passes through picturesque scenery and beaches. The ride is broken up into 42 sections and most are between 40 – 50 km. Each section ends in a location that provides various accommodation options.

Improved Access

Cycling the NSW coastline has never been easier. The pacific highway continues to be upgraded. Consequently, we now visit coastal towns without cycling on major highways.

The NSW Coast Cycle trail connects existing cycle paths wherever possible.  Use the interactive maps on this web site to see details of the route.  Furthermore, download the android phone app (currently unavailable whilst being redesigned) to assist whilst on the road.

Local Attractions

Along the route, there are opportunities to visit local region attractions.  Therefore, be sure to plan a few days in the major regions and explore the local cycling attractions.

Cycling NSW Options

If you have never been cycling in NSW consider flying in to the Gold Coast international airport and cycling your way to Sydney (or in reverse), boxing your bike on the XPT train service, and/or cyling the south coast from Sydney towards Melbourne (or in reverse).


Which ever way you travel, be sure to drop us a line and share your experience.  We would love to hear from you – your highs and lows!  Your feedback is valuable because it lets us know who is using the NSW Coast Cycle trail and enables us to push harder for improvements.