The NSW Coast Cycle Trail offers a unique opportunity for service providers to become official partners in the ongoing development of tourism in their region.  You can become an official partner and benefit directly from this growth by contacting us.

Get started! A plain black & white brochure can be downloaded here.

We offer advertising.  If you are a cafe or provide lodgings we will include your location on the trail.

As a partner, you will receive a kit which comprises of transfers for your shop window to identify to cyclists that you are an official partner, posters, brochures, along with an invitation to assist us promote & develop this cycle trail.

We encourage you to purchase and use merchandise (T shirts etc) to promote your services further.

Naturally, we would expect you to provide a level of service and standard that cyclists require.  The rewards for doing so are fantastic and, as the popularity of the cycle trail continues to grow, so will your clients.  Our current research indicates an increase of cyclist tourists to a region by an additional 10 – 15 pax per day as a direct result of this project. An average cyclist pax would spend between $A130-150 per day on their journey. There are typically 7 sectors in a region (a cyclist would typically complete one sector per day), resulting in a minimum annual tourist $$ increase of $3.3M to your local region.

There is currently no initial joining fee (normally $A250 ex GST) for Official Partners. We charge an advertising fee from $A1 (ex GST) per week, which ensures you are profiled on our web site, phone apps, & relevant brochures etc. All users can provide immediate feedback, which we will endeavour to pass onto you.

Please contact us for more information and an application form.