How much does it cost?

The NSW Coastal Cycle Trail is free to ride. However, if you have enjoyed your experience and would like to make a donation for the ongoing maintenance and construction of the website that would be much appreciated. Making a donation also reinforces how useful this site is.

We suggest a travel budget average $A120-140 per day per pax, as a rough guide whilst on the trail to cover accommodation, meals, tourist attractions, fares etc

Do I need a mountain bike?

No. While a bike with wide tyres is ideal for some sections, it is not essential. If you are not riding a mountain or hybrid bike please be aware that parts of the trail is on unsealed roads/cycle tracks and you will need at least 32mm tyres to get your bike through these rougher sections.

What is the best time of the year to ride?

NSW’s unique climate means that you can ride all year, especially north of Sydney.  January & February can have the chance of more rain than other periods due to tropical cyclones in QueenslandVictoria can be quite cool during winter (June – September).

Which direction should I ride the trail?

It makes little difference which direction to ride. For the purpose of consistency we have described the trail from North to South.

How can I get my luggage from one place to the next?

There are very few operators who provide luggage transfer.  Please contact us if you need immediate advice.

How fit do I need to be to ride the NSW Coastal Cycle Trail?

Anyone with a reasonable level of fitness can ride the trail. Most of the sections are around 30-50km. If a person rode at an average of 15km per hour, this is just 3-4 hours out of the day. Spread it out and take it easy, or go fast and do two sections per day – the choice is yours.

Are there toilets located along the trail?

Yes. The locations of these are shown on the maps.

What sort of accommodation is available?

Most places offer a choice of caravan park (for camping or self contained units), YHA, and rural hotels. You could try AirBnB, or Warm Showers as an alternative.  In some of the smaller places accommodation is limited and you are advised to book ahead.  If you find a place worthy of recommendation, please let us know & we will add to the map.

A number of caravan parks & the YHA offer discount (usually 10%) by taking up membership.

How long should I plan to cycle the trail?

There are currently 58 sections ranging from 22 km to 76 km in length (average 43 km). You should plan on rest days and inclement weather.  Unless you are self sufficient, plan on completing full sections at a time.

What is the Grading system?

As a general description, Grade 1: Moderate; Grade 2: Challenging; Grade 3: Difficult; Grade 4: Hard; Grade 5: Very Hard.  Recently we have been taking a more pro-active approach and now tend to describe any difficult areas, based on feedback, profile & surface.